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A Study: The Present Scenario of Women's Career Advancement in the Hotel Industry

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Dr. Rajeshwari Patil , Konica Gupta


The global hotel and tourist business has long struggled with the problem of female underrepresentation in executive positions. The effects of the many institutional, economic, and sociocultural factors that work against women's professional progress in the tourist industry vary greatly depending on the specific setting. Women are flocking to the hotel business in droves. In reality, there is a much higher success percentage for ladies compared to boys when looking at the statistics accessible with different hotel management colleges. Men continue to hold most of the power in hotels' upper management, including roles such as general manager and department heads. The younger generation may have different experiences now that society is more tolerant of women in the workforce. However, as things stand, we may anticipate the same outcomes; so, it is necessary to investigate the imbalanced dynamics of the gender gap in professional advancement. The primary data was gathered from a survey that targeted women who had worked in the hotel sector but had since left for other careers, such as teaching, retail, or staying at home to raise a family. On the other hand, books, research papers, and journals were the sources of secondary data. This research makes an effort to determine why women are leaving the hospitality industry for alternative professions.

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